Innova imaging Technology (IIT) Canon

Innova imaging Technology (IIT) is a leading international trading company in Somalia. The company was established in 2017, importing high-quality electronic and medical equipment. IIT provides medical equipment service to hospitals, surgical centers, medical facilities, practitioners and, clinicians with a dynamic Service Department. On-site field services are offered nationwide. Innova can provide installation of equipment, annual preventive maintenance, and emergency repair. Contracts can be configured with 24-hour support, 24-hour response, and loaner equipment when necessary.   By providing products and services that span the project life cycle, we offer our customers cost effective, easy to use quality solutions. We have made a commitment to quality that we intend to keep! 

Our Mission

We strive to provide superior customer service, technical service, and product support to our customers, ensuring their continued success.

Our Vision

To help healthcare providers to realize their full potential by supplying the products needed for their success.


Our work is guided by key values. 

  • Teamwork – We believe that everything is possible through combined efforts of everyone to achieve the company’s goal. Nothing is greater than the team.
  • Integrity – Our ethical conduct is the foundation worthy of the trust our customers place in us
  • Excellence – We strive to deliver the best outcomes and highest quality service through continuous learning, improvement and innovation